Aeries Revision Note 3/9/2023

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (Child Find) - The TX-EligibilityDelayReason element (E1731), which is maintained on the Special Education page, was added to the StudentChildFindAssociation extension of the StudentProgram interchange. See StudentProgram Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

  • Transcripts Report - The report had the potential to handle local credits as state credits when the Graduation Track field values stored in STU.GRT and REQ.GRT did not both contain either a space or an empty string, fixed.

  • Student Data Audit Report 

    • The report contained numerous warnings that were specific to California, fixed. 

    • The report now uses the cross-reference table (XRF) to reference TSDS warnings.

    • Student grade warnings were incorrectly generated for PK and EE grade levels, fixed. 

    • Invalid code warnings were incorrectly generated for County Code, District Code, and School Code, fixed. 

    • The student language was based on Home Language (STU.HL) and Primary Language (LAC.12), fixed. The student language is now based on the reportable Home Language fields (STU.HL and STU.CL). 

  • School Information - The Organization Category field (LOC.CSA) was cleared when any changes were made on the page, fixed. 

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