Known Issue - As of the 2/22/2023 update, an error is displayed when opening the Contacts page - FIXED 2/23/2023

UPDATE - This issue has been fixed with the 2/23/2023 update. Here is the Revision Note for this issue:

  • Contacts - Since the 2/22 Aeries update, the Contacts page could display an error when trying to open it, fixed. The issue would affect districts if they had Aeries Communications enabled but did not have a SAML record named ParentSquare.

As of the 2/22 update, an error may display when opening the Contacts page at the district or the school level. 

We are investigating the issue and will update this post when a resolution is reached.

Update - The following workaround is available for districts affected by this issue:

If the district uses ParentSquare they will need ParentSquare integration to be configured completely. Documentation on how to configure ParentSquare is available here:

Please submit a support ticket for help with migrating to Aeries Communications.

We are currently working on a programming fix.

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