Known Issue - Online Enrollment error when accessing the Residence Survey page - FIXED 2/6/2023

FIXED 2/6/2023

As of the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment, an error is displaying for parents when they reach the Residence Survey page during the enrollment process. This does not affect Parent Data Confirmation.

Programming is currently investigating and this post will be updated once a fix is released.


Hosted Customers: A fix has been applied and the issue with the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment has been fixed.

Self-Hosted Customers: A SQL fix has been posted in the attachment file below. Please run this to resolve the Known Issue if you have installed the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment. Also a new version has been released dated 2/6 which contains the fix.


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My parents are getting the same error as Lori shows. 

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Do we have a timeframe by chance on when this will be fixed. I have several school sites trying to register students for a start date of tomorrow. 

Please add me to the list to contact when this is finished

Is this through Online Enrollment or is there a problem with Data Confirmation in the Parent Portal as well?

I had no reports of issues with Data Confirmation.  My own testing resulted in the errpr everyone else was getting, but I got it right after I enterd my user name and password.  I never even got to the residence survey, as other districts were reporting.

Why was the "Decline to Answer" added to the survey?  It's not part of the CDE questionnaire and if none of the 5 choices apply what else could it be??  I don't think that the last question should be on the survey unless you are aware of some changes to CDE's direction.


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We are hosted and I still got this just now:  


Sorry, I meant CDE's questionnaire.

We are hosted and are still having the same issue. Do we have to update the form to get rid of the problem? 

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I cleared my browsing data and still got the error.


We are also having this issue. Do we know if there is an estimated date or time of fix? 

This is not fixed.  When  anyone tries tries to enroll a student they get this message:  

Unfortunately an error occurred while processing a request to our website.This error has been logged to alert the administrators of this service.

You may try your request again or start from the homepage.
Thank you for your understanding.

This has been going on since Monday and my sites are ready to storm the castle.

The 2021 CDE Guidelines override our language in Portal options so I went ahead and updated portal options to new guidelines, but now where does the Homeless Liaison contact information display. It's not showing anywhere during online enrollment when a parent chooses a homeless situation. 



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