Known Issue - Online Enrollment error when accessing the Residence Survey page - FIXED 2/6/2023

FIXED 2/6/2023

As of the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment, an error is displaying for parents when they reach the Residence Survey page during the enrollment process. This does not affect Parent Data Confirmation.

Programming is currently investigating and this post will be updated once a fix is released.


Hosted Customers: A fix has been applied and the issue with the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment has been fixed.

Self-Hosted Customers: A SQL fix has been posted in the attachment file below. Please run this to resolve the Known Issue if you have installed the 2/3 version of Online Enrollment. Also a new version has been released dated 2/6 which contains the fix.


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We are experiencing an error in the Online Enrollment when parents reach the question we have added under supplemental questions.

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We are experiencing the same error with Online Enrollment when parents reach almost the last page to submit the registration.

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I have the same issue with the experince on the last page to submit registration. Is there a timeline on when this will be fixed? 

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I'm curious, is this still happening to the schools that updated to the 2021 CDE Guidelines? 

Alvord USD has not updated to 2021 CDE guidelines for Residence Survey, yet but have the issue with Online Enrollment.

Thank you for the reports of other pages that are affected. We have noted them. 

Also, this issue is affecting those that have the 2/3 release of Online Enrollment and is not dependent on having updated to the 2021 CDE Guidelines for the Residence Survey. We will begin testing a fix today.

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Where do we find what version of the Online Enrolment we are using?

At the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.  




Lodi is 


Alvord is too on the 2/3 version

Thank you!

We are experiencing an issue with our parents also trying to complete enrollment for this school year. 

We are having the same issue with our parents, 


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