Aeries Revision Notes 2/3/2023

New Features

  • Student Attendance Percentages Report - The Student Attendance Percentages Report now supports Flex schools using positive Attendance.

  • Gradebook - Performance was enhanced for grading period calculations. 

California Specific

  • 2021 CDE Guidelines Update to the Residence Survey See Portal Options - Residence Survey Changes for the CDE 2021 Housing Questionnaire

    • Portal Options 

      • The Update 2021 CDE Guidelines button was added allowing users to update to the latest Residency Survey questionnaires in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

      • A Liaison Contact Information section was added to the page for district customization.  

    • Parent Data Confirmation

      • The updated 2021 CDE Guidelines for the Residency Survey are now available once enabled from the Portal Options page.

      • Additional sections were added to the Residence Survey including Unaccompanied Youth, Other Additional Children, and Liaison Contact Information. 

    • Residence Survey Audit 

      • The Unaccompanied Youth (PRS.UY) column was added to display the Residence Survey response from Parent Data Confirmation. 

      • The Children button was added to allow the user to view any additional children records from the Residence Survey. 

    • Demographics

      • Student Import- The import process now imports the Unaccompanied Youth (PGM.UY) field when creating a Homeless record in PGM for districts that convert to the new CDE 2021 Residence Survey questions.

Texas Specific

  • Activities and Awards - The Code field now includes the TX First Early HS Completion option (PEIMS element E1736), and the Reason field includes the corresponding reasons (PEIMS code table C233). 

  • Print Student Activities and Awards The Student Activities and Awards report prints the TX First Early HS Completion when a student has the Activity/Award added to the Activities & Awards page. 

  • Transcript Definitions - The Things To Print tab now includes the TX First Early HS Completion award in the Test/Event and Subtest/Part selections to print on the transcript when added for the student on the Activities and Awards page.

  • Print Student Transcript - When the TX First Early HS Completion option has been added to the Things to Print options on the Transcript Definitions page the the transcript will include the TX First Early HS Completion Activity/Award on the students transcript. 

Issues Resolved

  • Class Attendance - The Mass Apply Attendance Code process did not work correctly for teachers at elementary schools not using master schedules, fixed. 

  • Student Data Audit Report - For California users, an invalid code error message was displayed for students whose Free and Reduced code are translated to blank in the CALPADS Code Value Translations when using the Only Include Codes w/Translations on the Report option, fixed. See CALPADS in Aeries Basics - Student Data Audit Report

  • Attendance Based Grade Reporting - For Texas users, the Attempted credit values and Pass/Fail Credit Status for selected courses were not updated correctly after running the Copy Grades to Transcript process, fixed. 

  • Student Attendance Detail Report (For Texas users) 

    • In the Programs section, the last day in the school calendar printed as the program end date even when the program did not have an end date, fixed. 

    • The Economically Disadvantaged program was displayed in the Programs section unnecessarily, fixed. The dates will continue to be printed in the Student Info section when applicable.

    • The RDSDP Service district (ARS.DS) which is used for Texas State Reporting when determining DISTRICT-OF-RDSPD-SERVICE (E1527) was based on the Special Education District of Service (CSE.DS) instead of Services District of Service (CSV.DS), fixed. See StudentAttendance Interchange - Field Mapping and Rule.

  • Texas State Reporting (Summer PEIMS) - The Student Attendance extract used Special Education District of Service (CSE.DS) instead of Services District of Service (CSV.DS) for determining DISTRICT-OF-RDSPD-SERVICE (E1527), fixed. This change requires running the Student Attendance Detail Report or Student Attendance District/Campus Summary Report using the Recompute option. See StudentAttendance Interchange - Field Mapping and Rule

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