Aeries Revision Notes 12/21/2022

New Features

  • Attendance Audit Listing Report and Demographics - The primary class tracking audit queries now exclude districts not using primary class tracking. 

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (SPPI-14) - The HOME-LANGUAGE-CODE (E0895) element was added to the Student Parent interchange to report the primary language spoken in a student's home. 

  • Attendance Based Grade Reporting - The Add credit denied due to excessive absences comment to the report card option was added allowing a 99-Credit Denied comment to be displayed on the Grades pages and report card when a student has a passing grade but was not awarded credit. When enabled, the code populates comment fields GRD.C1, GRD.C2, or GRD.C3 for the selected students.

Issues Resolved

  • Gradebook - When grading a standard in the Scores by Class, Scores by Assignment, Scores by Student and Scores by Standard, the score percent was recorded in the GBS.MK field instead of the mark when the gradebook overall standard is blank, fixed.

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