Aeries Revision Note 12/15/2022

New Features

  • Gradebook Details - The page now honors the Display Only Marks for Teachers, Parents and Students option on the Portal Options page (Grades tab). When enabled, only valid marks are displayed in the assignment and standards views, and numeric data is not displayed.

  • Print Period Absence Audit - The report has been updated to handle flex schools. The absence audit options are now honored. The change affects flex schools (positive & negative attendance). See Period Absence Audit Report.

  • Ed-Fi - The Student, Student School Association, and Student School Food Service Program Association Entities are now able to be deleted from the ODS when they are removed from Aeries.  Also the ServiceBeginDate and ServiceEndDate fields will now extract on the Student Neglected Or Delinquent Program Association Entity.

  • Aeries Mobile API - The Login Count, Last Login Date, and Current Login Date are now populated with data from the User and Group Names table (UGN) when a user logs into the EM2 app.

Texas Specific

  • Ed-Fi - The following entities were added: Ed-Fi TSDS Pilot Staff, Staff Education Organization Assignment Association, and Staff School Association. 

  • Calendar

    • An Override Minutes field was added to each date for multi-track schools, allowing an admin user to enter minutes for a particular date that will override the calculated Instructional and Operational Minutes for that particular date and track. The new field appears once a track is selected. See EducationOrgCalendar Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

    • An error message is now displayed if non-instructional days are entered on the default calendar and those non-instructional days do not apply to all tracks.

  • Attendance Reporting Periods - The Use Instructional Time to Calculate Operational Minutes field was added allowing the Operational and Instructional Minutes to be calculated based on the Start/End Time entered for a particular track rather than a district's bell schedule. The option can be used when a district has a contract/MOU with another district to provide a particular service such as special education for a population of students, and the contracted district has a different calendar and bell schedule than the home district. The option only applies districts that use multi-track. See Texas Attendance Reporting Periods.

Issues Resolved

  • Gradebook Summary - Since the 11/3/2022 update numeric scores were displaying to Parents and Teachers when the Display Only Marks for Teachers, Parents and Students option on the Portal Options page (Grades tab) was set, fixed.  

  • Demographics and Attendance Audit Listing Report - The Primary Class Tracking audits recently added for Flex Daily schools had the potential to cause reduced performance, fixed. 

  • OneRoster API - The PutLineItems endpoint did not handle the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) date-time format properly, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting (SPPI-14) - For Texas users, the EdOrg and StudentParent interchange files were not being generated and an error message was displayed, fixed.

Database Changes

  • Parent Response to Survey (PRS) - For California users, the Unaccompanied Youth (UY) field was added to hold the parent response data in the upcoming release.  

  • Parent Response Details (PRD) - For California users, the Parent Response Details table (PRD) was created to hold parent response data in the upcoming release. 

  • Ed-Fi Options (EFO) - The new Other District Identifier (ODI) field was added to the Ed-Fi Options (EFO) table. 

  • Attendance Calendar (DAY) - For Texas users, the new Override Minutes 1 through Override Minutes 26 fields were added.

  • Cross Reference Information (XRF) - Changed the Code (CD1) field length from 6 to 255.

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