Aeries Revision Notes 12/13/2022

Issues Resolved

  • Gradebook 

    • The Scores by Class and Scores by Student Overall Marks did not correctly display plus and minus marks, fixed. 

    • The Scores by Class and Scores by Student Overall Marks did not display if the gradebook did not have a standard (GBK.SD), fixed.

    • The Overall Standards field was displaying on the Edit Gradebook page even when the Require Teachers to use Standards' Mark Types for Assignment Scores (SBG Gradebooks Only) option on the Portal Options page was disabled, fixed.

  • Standards Based Grades

    • Standards Based Grades by Teacher did not correctly display plus and minus marks after grades were loaded from Gradebook, fixed.

  • Transcripts - The one-column enhanced transcript had the potential to display the Things to Print section incorrectly, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) - For Texas users, the StudentProgram interchange did not honor the Snapshot Date for the SECTION-504-INDICATOR-CODE element, fixed. See StudentProgram Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

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