Aeries Revision Notes 11/3/2022

California Specific

  • CERS Student Groups - For California users,

    • The page now allows users to delete existing profiles. Admin users can delete any existing profile. See CERS Student Groups Extract (BETA)

    • A confirmation message now appears when a profile is saved. 

    • The username is now included in the profile selection list.

Texas Specific

  • Student At Risk Indicators - The At Risk Program End Date field (PGM.PED) is now automatically updated with the end date of the student's last qualifying at-risk indicator. 

  • Annual Immunization Status Report

    • The report now includes only students enrolled on the specified As-of Date.

    • The Pneumococcal (PCV)  and Haemophilus influenzae type b immunizations were removed from all report criteria, as these immunizations are not required in Texas. 

    • TDap was renamed to Dtap for KG students and to Tdap/Td for 7th grade students.  See Texas Annual Immunization Report 

Issues Resolved

  • Import Data to Aeries - When importing data to the All Day field (AL) in the ATT table for Flex schools, the process generated an error message, fixed.

  • Gradebook Details - When viewing the page as a parent, teacher, or student, the Possible Points were not displayed when Gradebook Type was GRD, fixed.

  • Attendance Management - At Flex Scheduling schools, an erroneous "Invalid Student" error message was displayed in certain situations when using the Edit Periods function, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Unique ID Functions) -The student name suffix was not included in the UID Assignment and Enrollment Tracking extracts, fixed. 

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