Known Issue - LTEL (Long-Term English Learner) Import Process - FIXED in the 11/17/2022 Update

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved with the 11/17/2022 release. Here are the Revision Notes:

CALPADS Extracts - The LTEL Import now handles the new LTEL file format and comma-delimited files. The load and process buttons for the LTEL state file were removed as they are no longer needed. Also the process now handles special characters in the file.  See CALPADS Extracts - LTEL Import Tab

Known Issue - LTEL (Long-Term English Learner) Import Process has Changed as of 10/31/2022 

Previously, the CDE provided districts with an LTEL file for all students in the state.  The new file provided by SOARS only includes students in a single district.  The file layout appears to be the same but the file type has changed.  The new file is not loading into the current Aeries CALPADS LTEL Import process.

Programming changes need to be made to support the new file.   

Users may follow the following Aeries Idea/Bug to receive notifications on the progress of the fix: 

Aeries Idea:  LTEL Import Changes

The following work-around can be used to load the file until we adjust Aeries.

1.  Open the downloaded .CSV file in Excel 

2.  Search for commas in the file

3.  If commas are found, remove them or use the Find and Replace feature to remove them

4.  Save the Excel file as a Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file

5.  In Aeries on the CALPADS Extract, LTEL Import page, skip the Pre-processing buttons

6.  Click on "Select Your District LTEL File"

7.  Click on "Load Selected File"

8.  Click on "Review LTEL File"

9.  Click on "Update LAC.LT and LAC.YL"

When I used the preprocess procedures (even though my entire file was my district) it converted it to a file that could be imported in the upload District LTEL file area. 

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Shelley highlight the column, right click and choose format to number :0)

This is my first time using the LTEL Import. Do we do it in last year, or in the current year, or both?

Is this issue solved yet?  I am selecting my file and when I click load, it just resets and disappears.  

Hi Shelley,

This is in testing now.  If you follow the Aeries Idea, you will be notified when it ships:  LTEL Import Process Changes

In the meantime, the work-around detailed above should allow you to import the LTEL file.

Hi Shelley,

I have tired the work around and still have had no luck getting the LTEL to load.  Any other thoughts or suggestions? 

No the work around is not working for me either Kristina

Hello Shelley and Kristina,

We will be shipping the changes to the LTEL file tomorrow.   

We found that other characters in the school name besides commas are preventing the file to load.  For the work-around above, for step 2, search for other characters in the school name like periods and quotation marks and remove them also.   

Or you can wait until we ship the changes and then you can load the original .csv file.

Hi Kathy I see that a fix has been implemented however I am still unable to load the LTEL into Aeries.  Are other districts still having issues? 

Hi Kristina,

Can you submit a new ticket and add "Attn: Stephen/Audie" to it and also attach your LTEL file?  We will check it out.

Thank you for your quick response.  I have created a new ticket and added Stephine/Audie and the file I am trying to upload.

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