Aeries Revision Note 10/27/2022

New Features

  • Student Scoliosis Record Report and Medical Profile Report - The Diagnosis (SCO.DG) and Treatment Plan (SCO.TP) fields were added to display diagnosis and treatment plan data entered on the Scoliosis page. 

Texas Specific

  • Annual Immunization Status Report - The report was added to meet the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requirement to submit annual immunization status for KG and 7th grade students. The report can be run for a school or district. See Texas - Annual Immunization Status Report

Issues Resolved

  • Teacher Attendance - The "Attendance is missing" message displayed Flex periods by sequence rather than time, fixed. 

  • Seating Chart  

    • Periods could not be selected if Attendance was set to Daily, fixed.

    • Seating charts could not be defined for sections flagged as excluded for attendance, fixed.

    • All attendance labels and buttons were removed.

  • Gradebook - When using the Mass Add Gradebook feature at an elementary Flex Scheduling school, the newly created gradebook was assigned an incorrect gradebook type, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting 

    • Fall PEIMS - The StudentExtension interchange did not take into account enrollment records for leavers enrolled for a single day in the prior school year when extracting the grade level, fixed. 

    • Unique ID Functions - The Enrollment Tracking process was extracting Enrollment Events that had already been sent to TSDS, fixed. 

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