Aeries Revision Notes 10/20/2022

New Features

  • Interim Test Results - The PSAT10, PSAT8/9, SAT and CAASPP Interim Assessment file layout descriptions now handle the 2022-2023 administration. See Overview for Import Test Results.

  • Flex Periods - The Academic Year drop-down list is now displayed in read-only mode when the period is associated with an MST or SMS section in the current year. See Flex Scheduling - Flex Periods.

  • Civil Rights Data Collection - The page now supports non-binary gender. See Overview for Civil Rights

  • Aeries API v5 - The new Discipline (DIS) endpoint was added to the Aeries public API to return student discipline records. See Aeries API - Student-related end points

  • Attendance Audit Listing Report - The Run Old Attendance Audit option was removed from the reporting options page.

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) - The StudentExtension interchange file now extracts the Parental Permission field from the new Authorization records instead of the previously used Program record. See StudentExtension Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

  • Spinal Screening State Report - The report was added to provide the count of students screened for scoliosis by age and grade. The report mimics the Texas DSHS Spinal Screening Report Form M-51 and can be run at the campus or district level. See Texas-Spinal Screening State Report

  • P-EBT Extract - The page now includes the new summer extract as required by the Texas HHSC. See Texas - P-EBT Submission

Issues Resolved

  • Livingtree Nightly Process - The process of importing payments, which were made in the Payment Portal through the Auto Sync feature, did not calculate the Next Amount correctly when students had a payment schedule set up, fixed. 

  • Attendance - When manually entering period attendance at a non-Flex Scheduling school, the page had the potential to freeze while updating Attendance History, fixed. NOTE: It is recommended that updating Attendance History be set up as a nightly process.

  • Mass Change Attendance - The Save process used an incorrect hard-coded value which resulted in performance issues, fixed.

  • Mass Copy Gradebooks - The process of copying a gradebook to a school using Flex Scheduling would result in an email with errors being sent, fixed. 

  • Staff - The Add New and Edit buttons for Security User Accounts (UGN), Scheduling Info (SSI), Associated Teacher Records (TCH), Job Assignments (STJ), Credentials (STC), Assignments (STA), and Highly Qualified Teacher Status (STH) were not working when a staff profile was accessed using the teacher ID deep-link on the Teacher page or the Section Staff ID deep-link on the Master Schedule page, fixed.

  • Ed-Fi 3.x - The Student Title I Part A Program Association entity was hard-coded to look for a program named Title I Part A, fixed. The entity now accepts the fixed code or a custom value. (12413- Issues Resolved) (JS)

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) - For Texas users, the StudentEnrollment interchange file did not extract leaver data correctly, triggering fatal error 40110-0111, fixed. The interchange now extracts the Campus ID of Residence from the enrollment table (ENR.ITD) instead of Student table (STU.ITD). See StudentEnrollment Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules

  • Student Programs Report - For Texas users, the student programs report displayed Services Received incorrectly, fixed. 

How can I see what version we should be on?

@Cindy Burkhardt you can check the version at the login screen. Please see the image below.

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