Aeries Revision Notes 10/13/2022

New Features

  • Security - All plain-text account passwords are now automatically hashed on a regular basis, including parent and student accounts. Hashing is a process of using an algorithm to turn plain text into unintelligible characters, which increases security. NOTE: Plain-text passwords are not created by Aeries; however, accounts can be imported into SQL with plain-text passwords. See Security-Automatic Password Hashing.

  • Home Page - When an admin user is logged in, a security reminder is displayed prompting the user to run the Users with Invalid Passwords Report. The message will no longer be displayed once the report is run, and will occasionally reappear if the report is not run on a regular basis. See Security-Automatic Password Hashing.

  • Assertive Discipline - The Referrer field now supports the field requirement as set on the Define Required Fields page. To set the Referrer field as a required field, the Staff Referrer(SRF) field needs to be enabled in the Define Required Fields page. The Referrer (RF) field is not supported. 

California Specific

  • CALPADS Extracts - The CALPADS Extracts page now contains the updated link for SENR ODS Reconciliation

Texas Specific

  • Master Schedule - The Calculate Monthly Minutes pop-up window now displays a message when holidays exist during the four weeks leading up to the snapshot date in the month of October. 

  • Texas State Reporting

    • The PEIMS Fall Staff extract now includes two additional PE Service IDs. 

    • In the PEIMS Fall Student, the Unschooled Asylee/Refugee Indicator will now limit to grades 7 through 12. 

    • For Fall PEIMS, the Parent Request Retention Indicator was failing to extract for students retained in their first year of enrollment, and was improperly extracting for students beyond 3rd grade, and also was improperly extracting retentions for the 2021-2022 school year instead of the current one, fixed. 

  • Class Calendar - For Flexible Attendance schools, a warning was added prompting users to analyze any October dates with holiday codes, because Monthly Minute calculations for Staff Responsibility records do not count days with holiday codes unless they are selected. 

Issues Resolved

  • Class Calendar - The page did not display all holiday codes, fixed. 

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