Known Issue - As of the 9/29/2022 Update, Error on the Student Profile Page and Student Search - Fixed in the 9/30/2022 Update

Update:   This issue has been resolved with the 9/30/2022 update.  

Here are the Revision Notes:  Student Profile An error was generated when using the arrow to progress to the next student, fixed. 

Known Issue:  As of the 9/29/2022 Update, Error on the Student Profile Page.

The following error is displaying when accessing the Profile page and also the Student Search.

Programming is looking into this issue now and we will update this post when the issue is resolved.

Users may follow the following Aeries Idea/Bug to receive notifications on the progress of the fix.

Error on Profile page - 9/29/2022 version


One of our Flex high schools was getting this message all day yesterday, could this be related?

Thank you

Keyes is getting the issue too.  Just on profile page, but that is where everyone goes to look at students!  I hope you get it fixed really soon.

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The weir part of this issue is that it only affect two of our 4 sites

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It seems to be affecting a handful of students at a few of our sites.


This is happening for all of our schools not just the elementaries.

We are getting the yellow screen at our high school mostly on the profile page, but some are getting it on the attendance screen and the demographics screen.

This is affecting all of our schools as well.

For us it seems to be affecting the elementary and middle schools, but not our high schools.

Same for our school.

It appears to be for Kinder and TK.

This is also affecting folks across our district.

At our site it's only affecting Admin users, not teachers and staff.

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