Aeries Revision Notes 9/28/2022

Issues Resolved

Attendance History Configuration - Calculated period attendance data was not populated for some students in the Attendance History Summary (AHS) table when the process was run with a specified date range, fixed.

Note:  The following School Configurations were effected by this change:

  • When a school was configured in the following way:

    • The Education Type was set to Alternative Education in School Options

      • LOC.TY = 1

    • Attendance Reporting was set to Positive in School Options

      • LOC.B = 1


  • When the Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance option is enabled

    • All Schools using Period attendance.

    • The Calculate Attendance Totals Based on Period Attendance option is defined within the School Options (OPT) Table:

      • OPT.NM = "Calc AttTotOnPA" and OPT.CD = 'True'

For more information please see our knowledge base article pertaining to Alternative Education with Positive Attendance.

CALPADS Extracts - For California users, the STAS file extracts were omitting students because the data created with the Attendance History Configuration process was miscalculated, fixed.

Note:  These fixes could impact the ISAC submission.  To ensure STAS totals are correct, this Aeries update needs to be applied and the Aeries California - P-EBT Submission process will need to be run again to ensure the correct Attendance History totals are submitted in the CALPADS STAS file.

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