Aeries Revision Notes 9/8/2022

New Features

  • Scoliosis - The Diagnosis (SCO.DG) and Treatment Plans (SCO.TP) fields were added allowing nurses to enter the results of scoliosis screening. 

California Specific

  • Early Childhood Education - The EESD 9600 application and 801A extract were updated to the 2022-2023 income guidelines. 

Texas Specific

  • Demographics - The Change Address feature now uses the updated 2020 Census data hosted on the TEA server to populate the Student Census Block Group

  • Street Address Management 

    • The Census Block Check button on the Functions tab updates Census Block Numbers for all students with the new 2020 Census data hosted on the TEA server. 

    • The Census Block Reset button was added to the Functions tab to clear Census Block information from all student records. Census Blocks can then be re-populated
      using the Census Block Check button.  Both of these functions will update all students active or inactive. See Texas - Student Census Block Group Management.

Issue Resolved

  • Attendance Letter Editor - Adjustments have been made to increase the level of system security in this area.

  • Gradebook - Teachers were unable to add students to their gradebook in the Manage Student tab within the Manage Gradebook page, fixed.

  • Attendance Audit Listing and Demographics - For California users, active students who turned 5 during the school year did not receive an error message for attendance tag AC, fixed. That error code message is now displayed correctly. See Why does the The Attendance Audit Listing Report reflect errors for TK students.

  • CERS Student Groups - For California users, on-demand extract generation was failing in some circumstances, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • District Options Table (DPT) - For Texas users, the new URL for Geocoding for the Census Block has been updated.

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