Aeries Revision Notes 8/23/2022

California Specific

Issues Resolved

  • Teacher Attendance - The page did not honor the Require clicking the 'Attendance Complete' button to Complete taking attendance option on the Attendance tab in the Portal Options page, fixed. 

I do not see it on the IMPORT TEST RESULTS  page as a drop down 

I only see CAASPP SY: 20/21

Do not see 21/22

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you 

Hi George, It looks like you district is not one of our hosted districts. Please check with your district IT team to see if they have updated Aeries to the 8/23/2022 version yet. 


Sylvia Nishimoto

Business Analyst

I received a unlabeled exception error when attempting to load the net update. Has anyone else experienced this?

@Dylan Walker can you send us a screenshot of the error? Thank you.

Does anyone have an ETA when the new CASSPP and ELPAC 2022-2023 layout will be ready?    Any ideas on the hold up?  

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