Known Issue - Teacher Attendance - The Submit Attendance button and ASL records on the Teacher Attendance page are not behaving as expected - FIXED 8/23/2022

Update: These issues are resolved as of the 8/23/2022 version.

In Daily Attendance schools, when teachers take attendance the ASL record is not always created. - UPDATE: THIS ISSUE WAS FIXED WITH THE 8/12/2022 RELEASE. HERE IS THE REVISION NOTE: 

  • Teacher Attendance - At Daily Attendance schools, the Attendance Submission Log records were not created when a teacher indicated that no students were absent, fixed.

The below issue is still outstanding and a fix scheduled to be worked on. This Known Issue post will continue to be updated when the below issue is resolved.

Also in Daily Attendance,  - UPDATE: THIS ISSUE WAS FIXED WITH THE 8/23/2022 RELEASE. 

  • When the Portal Option, 'Require clicking the 'Attendance Complete' button to Complete taking attendance is not enabled, the submit attendance button is not hiding immediately. A page refresh will hide it as expected.
  • When the Portal Option, Require clicking the 'Attendance Complete' button to Complete taking attendance is enabled, an ASL record (Attendance Submission Log) is created immediately instead of waiting for the Submit button to be clicked. ASL should not be created until the button is clicked.

We are working on a fix and it will ship as soon as it passes testing.

For immediate notifications on the status of this issue, subscribe to the following Aeries Idea/Bug: - This idea has been marked completed for the first issue noted above.

Thank you for the notification. Could you please define which versions this affects?

Thank you,

Daniel Lopez

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When you say it is not being honored what does that mean? The button is broken or the teacher can click it but on the back end, it may not be functioning properly and recording data.

When the Portal Option is not enabled, the Submit Attendance button is not hiding.

Hi! We're having an issue when inputting attendance. I was shown by a teacher that when she clicks the checkbox for A-Absent it shows the "A" for a second but then it disappears leaving the blank checkbox showing again. The attendance code is showing in the student's individual attendance but on the teacher attendance everything is blank. Also, the "Attendance Complete" button disappears after clicking on any checkbox. 

Hi Laura, the issue with the absence codes disappearing is an issue that is scheduled for development soon. Please subscribe to this Aeries Idea for status updates for this issue.

Regarding the Attendance Complete button disappearing, please submit a ticket to Aeries Support and they will gladly help explore this issue. Thank you. 

After taking attendance and hitting submit, getting this error.


Yes, same here in our district.

Hi Anneke and Theresa.  Yes we are aware of the 'Missing Attendance' message issue and development has started on it. Please subscribe to the Aeries Idea for status updates on the fix. Thank you.

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