Aeries Revision Notes 8/9/2022

New Features:

  • Standards Based Options - The Gradebook Rubric Score (GBR) and Gradebook Percentage Score (GBP) fields were added under Valid Marks for use in scoring assignments in SBG gradebooks. See Standards - Applying Different Mark Types to Terms

  • Portal Options - The Require Teachers to use Standards Mark Types for Assignment Scores (SBG Gradebooks Only) option was added. When selected, gradebooks will display valid marks in a drop-down list according to the selected mark type and standard, and based on the due date on the Scores by Class page. See Standards - Applying Different Mark Types to Terms.  

  • Gradebook Management - The Final Marks tab now displays standards-based marks in gradebooks using standards-based grading.   

  • Gradebook Details and Standard Based Grades - On the Portal Options page, when selecting Display Only Marks for Teachers, Parents and Students (Applies to SBG Grades and Gradebooks) option, scores will not be visible for teacher, parent, and student users. See Standards - Applying Different Mark Types to Terms.  

Issues Resolved:

  • Teacher Attendance - Lunch Count amounts and comments were not properly saved, fixed. 

Database Changes:

  • Standards Based Valid Marks (SBV) - Added the Gradebook Rubric (GBR) and Gradebook Percentage (GBP) fields to SBV table.


Did these fixes happen to trigger a bug? I have many teachers unable to enter scores into their Gradebook.

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I have same issue submitted support ticket

Thank you! 

Hello, This update included Database Changes.  The Update Database process needs to be run:  Update Aeries SQL Databases


Is that for self-hosted only?

Yes Anthony, hosted databases should have been fixed.   We will follow-up with your ticket.

The Database changes that went out last night inadvertently didn't get applied to all hosted databases until this morning. Only hosted environments were impacted, however, they have all been updated and issues should now be resolved. Self-hosted districts were not impacted.

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