Aeries Revision Notes 8/4/2022

Texas Specific:

  • Graduation Endorsements Setup - The page no longer allows local credit courses to be used in any endorsement. Codes with a Service ID starting with SA, SE, SR, SS, or 8 will not be included in the course selection pop-up window. 

  • Language Assessment 

    • The copy-and-paste process in the BIL/ESL Placement section did not work, fixed. 

    • Codes in read-only mode in the BIL/ESL Placement section had the potential to display user-defined codes rather than fixed Type 4 (BIL/ESL) codes, fixed. 

Issues Resolved:

  • Standard Based Grades - Inactive students were included in the section dropdown at schools using Section Staff, fixed. 

  • Assertive Discipline - Assertive discipline (ADS) records copied at the district level from one student to another were applied to the incorrect student when the students had the same school code but different student numbers, fixed. 

  • Language Assessment - Non-admin users were not able to see the new US School < 3 Years field (SSD.SUS) even with permission, fixed.

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