Aeries Revision Notes 7/21/2022

New Features:

  • Mass Run Attendance Reports - Two new summary reports were added which will summarize the existing reports for all selected Reporting Periods, allowing for a single report for the full school year: 

    • Print Student Attendance Campus Summary Totals

    • Print Student Attendance District Summary Totals

  • Gradebook - In schools where the portal option Display Only Marks for Teachers, Parents and Students (Applies to SBG Grades and Gradebooks) is enabled, the gradebook option Hide the Overall Percentage/Trend Analysis Score will default to selected, and Display the Final Mark option will default to unselected in SBG gradebooks. The options will be locked. See Standards - Applying Different Mark Types to Terms.

  • Portal Options - The Display Only Marks for Teachers, Parents and Students (Applies to SBG Grades and Gradebooks) option was added to the Grades tab allowing users to specify that only marks, not numerical scores, will be displayed to teachers, parents, and students.

  • Financial Transactions - The page will now continue to load even if Livingtree service is down. 

California Specific:

  • CALPADS Extracts - On the Code Translations tab, the Add Local Codes button is now disabled when a user selectsCourse State Codes (CRS.C3) in the Code Set field. 

  • Physical Fitness Test Error Report - The report now supports schools that use Flex Scheduling and primary class tracking. 

Issues Resolved:

  • Online Store - In certain circumstances the "Oops" error was generated on the Livingtree site when the user attempted to use the checkout process, fixed. 

  • Gradebook Summary - The Gradebook courses were not displayed in the correct Term for schools using Flex Scheduling, fixed. 

  • Graduation Status - For Texas users, the pop-up window that displays completed and in-progress courses for an Endorsement sometimes displayed duplicate records, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Child Find) - For Texas users, the StudentProgram extract required a primary disability in order for the StudentSpecialEdProgramAssociationExtension complex to be included, fixed. The primary disability is no longer required. 

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