Aeries Revision Notes 7/14/2022

New Features:

  • Standards - The following fields were added, allowing users to assign different marks for different terms throughout the year for future use. See Standards-Applying Different Mark Types to Individual Terms.

    • Apply terms individually for Mark Type 1

    • Mark Type 1 For Term 1 

    • Mark Type 1 For Term 2 

    • Mark Type 1 For Term 3

    • Mark Type 1 For Term 4

  • Initialize Standards Based Grading Cycle - The process now sets the Mark Type field (SBG.MT) to 0 if Apply terms individually for Mark Type 1 (STN.ATI1) is 0 for future use. 

Texas Specific:

  • Texas State Reporting (Fall PEIMS) - The StudentEnrollment interchange now includes the FINANCIAL-AID-APPLICATION-CODE element in StudentGraduationProgramExtention. See StudentEnrollment Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.

  • Texas State Reporting (Summer PEIMS) 

    • The attendance calculations now omit Bilingual and ESL records that do not have a funding type and have parental permission code 3 or H. 

    • The extracts included students in Residential Facilities with ADA Eligibility codes 0 or 9, fixed. Students with these codes are no longer extracted. 

    • The Attendance extract did not extract elements E1694 and E1695 only for students with instructional setting code 05 in the SpecialProgramReportingPeriodAttendance complex type, fixed.

    • The Summer PEIMS Student Enrollment extract was omitting the StudentGraduationProgramExtension for student's with ADA Eligibility 0s and 9s, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Child Find) - The StudentParent extract did not include student birth dates, fixed. 

Issues Resolved:

  • Student Transcripts Report - The Enhanced 1-column transcript report did not print a page header on the second page in certain cases, fixed.

  • Update ATT/CAR - An error message was generated during bulk enrollment operations, fixed. 

  • Aeries SQL Database Update - A previous update prevented the XRP Table from being added to the database when the SQL Database Update was processed, fixed. 

Database Changes:

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