Aeries Update 7/7/2022

New Features:

  • Course Request Section Packets -  See Class Schedule Maintenance: Creating and Modifying Course Request Section Packets

    • New tables were added for SPK, MSP, and SMP to support using Course Request Section Packets in Scheduling. 

    • A new page was added allowing users to manage Course Request Section Packets for MST and SMS sections. 

    • Course Requests/Schedule - The Course Request Section Packet button was added allowing course request section packets to be added to a student's course requests/schedule. 

    • Classes - The CrsSecPack button was added allowing users to add a Course Request Section Packet to a student's class schedule.

  • Attendance History Config - The page now updates the Attendance History Summary (AHS) and Attendance History Details (AHD) tables based on a specified date range. See Attendance History Configuration

  • Attendance History - A message will now warn users if the AHS and AHD tables have been partially updated using the new date range option. 

  • Portal Options - The Attendance Times option to limit Primary ADA Time on Portal Options is now available for Daily Attendance schools. The option is only displayed when the All Day Attendance Management flag is set to Attendance Time on the School Options page. 

  • Teacher Attendance and Classroom Attendance 

    • The page now allows teachers at Daily Attendance schools with a Secondary ADA Time defined to take attendance during their Primary and Secondary ADA classes individually. Only students in the Secondary ADA class without a Primary ADA class are displayed. This was done specifically for AM/PM Kindergarten, but can be used for other purposes as needed.

    • Daily Attendance schools with multiple periods overlapping during a Primary ADA Time now shows a period selection.

California Specific:

  • CALPADS Extracts - The EOY page will now warn users if the AHS and AHD tables have been partially updated using the new date range option. 

Texas Specific:

  • Texas State Reporting - The LEP label was renamed to Emergent Bilingual on the following pages and reports, per changes to PEIMS data requirements: 

    • Student Demographic (and quick report)

    • Student Profile

    • Student Data Report

    • Language Assessment

  • Attendance Calculations - Performance for the calculation process was improved. 

Issues Resolved:

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California customers, the SELA extract had the potential to not include RFEP students if they were re-designated within the current school year, fixed. 

  • Attendance History Configuration - Truancy counts were calculated incorrectly when students had multiple Attendance History records with different programs, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Child Find) 

    • (Child Find )

      • For Texas customers, the Student Program extract did not extract the default track 00, fixed. 

      • The Program extract had the potential to not extract the SpecialEdPrograms complex, fixed. 

    • (Summer PEIMS)

      • The BasicAttendance extract had the potential to create duplicate records when a student changed homeroom teachers, fixed. 

      • The StudentEnrollment extract had the potential to report duplicate sections with course completion for students who had gaps in their course attendance, it will now only report the course completion on the section for the enrollment period in which the course was completed. 

  • School Options - For Texas customers 

    • (District) - Green highlighting was added to the following fields to indicate that they are required for Texas State Reporting: 

      • Charter Status

      • Organization Category

      • Tracks

    • (Campus) - Green highlighting was added to the Title I Part A field to indicate that it is required for Texas State Reporting.

  • Student Attendance Details, Student Attendance Campus Summary, Student Attendance District Summary - For Texas customers, the reports did not include Early Childhood information (PK Funding Types and PK Program Type) when the record ended prior to the end of the reporting period, fixed. 

Database Changes:

  • Course Request Section Packets (SPK) - Added new School (SC), Description (DE), Low Grade (LO), High Grade (HI) and Date Timestamp (DTS) fields.

  • Master Schedule Packet Sections (MSP) - Added new School (SC) and Date Timestamp (DTS) fields.

  • Scheduling Master Schedule Packet Sections (SMP) - Added new School (SC) and Date Timestamp (DTS) fields.

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