Aeries Revision Notes 6/13/2022

California Specific:

  • CALPADS STAS and Attendance History 

    • The Update Attendance History process no longer includes in-school suspensions as days present.

    • The independent study counts are no longer included in any other counts.

  • The Attendance History Configuration process must be run with this version to recalculate the Attendance History (AHS table) before creating the CALPADS STAS extract.

Texas Specific:

  • Student Attendance Campus Summary and Student Attendance District Summary - The "Special Ed FTE" values for the Special Education Summary section of these reports was not factoring in the Excess Contact Hours on the FTE calculation, causing the total to differ from the Program ADA / FTE footer, fixed! 

  • Texas State Reporting 

    • The Summer PEIMS Student Enrollment interchange has been updated to ensure that students with a 0 or 9 ADA Eligibility will not extract even when they meet the criteria to extract in other interchanges.

    • In the Summer PEIMS Student Enrollment extract student's who had opted out of endorsements had the potential to still extract, fixed.

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