Aeries Revision Notes 6/9/2022

New Features:

  • Student Search -As a performance enhancement, users may now choose the number of results when searching for students at the district level. See Searching for Students

California Specific:

  • Import Test Results - The page has been update to allow importing ELPAC test results for 2021-2022. This file also includes new Alternate ELPAC data including Preliminary Indicator and Percent. See Test Specific Information - ELPAC

  • Profile and Test Details - These pages will now display data for the new Alternate ELPAC test when populated. 

  • Test Scores - This page has a new field for Preliminary Indicator, specifically for the new Alternate ELPAC test.  

Issues Resolved:

  • Transcript Definitions   See Transcript Definition Form

    • Multiple Things to Print(TTP) could not be processed for a test score, fixed.

    • A data editing problem existed on Things to Print, fixed.

  • Student Search - In some cases, when searching for students at the school level a SQL warning was being logged, fixed.

  • District Attendance Letters - Most recent Attendance Letter Dates in the footer would not print for students who previously received more than 6 District Attendance letters and when option for Print All Prior Letter Dates is enabled, fixed. See District Attendance Letters - Letter Options.

Database Changes:

  • Test Scores (TST) - Added the Preliminary Indicator (PI) field for use with the new Alternate ELPAC test.

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Anyone getting the YSOD? on the "PI"   After the import, when selecting the student "test scores" 

Is anyone getting the YSOD when selecting the student 'test scores' - after the update, and after the import of scores?

Yes are getting it too

Hi David,

There are Database Changes with the 6/8/2022 update.  You will need update the database to add the new TST field.

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