Aeries Revision Notes 6/7/2022

New Features:

  • Flex SMS Board - This page now has the ability to view linked classes using a new link icon next to sections that are linked. When clicking on the icon, it will display the Class Link, the sections, and highlight all sections linked to the current section. See Flex Scheduling - Flex SMS Board

  • For Texas Customers

    • Texas Student Attendance District Summary, Student Attendance Campus Summary, Student Attendance Detail Reports - Attendance reporting calculations have been updated to address changes in Early Childhood Development. These changes have been made to address State Reporting requirements for PEIMS Summer Basic Attendance file. The reports do not display Early Childhood Development data and therefore are not affected visually.

    • Texas State Reporting - PEIMS Summer now separates changes in Early Childhood Development by date similar to existing track and grade changes. Please note that the Student Attendance report or summaries must be run first in order to recalculate these values properly. 

    • Student Demographics - Assign Texas Unique Identifier for those students with Race and Ethnicity equal to "TEA Use Only" 

Issues Resolved:

  • Texas State Reporting

    • The PEIMS Summer Student Enrollment extract had the potential to extract duplicate records when a student has had multiple school enrollments in the same school year, fixed.

    • The PEIMS Summer Discipline extract had the potential to extract Discipline Actions which existed outside of the current school year, fixed.

    • The FHSP Distinguished Level Achievement Indicator was returning blanks for non FHSP students.  Now FHSP Distinguished Level Achievement Indicator will default to 0 rather than blank. 

    • The Summer PEIMS extract had the potential to leave off Economically Disadvantaged codes for some students, fixed.

Database Changes:

  • Attendance Reporting Details (ARD) - Added PK Funding Type 1 and 2 (PF1, PF2), and PK Program Type (PTC).

  • Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) - Added PK Funding Type 1 and 2 (PF1, PF2), and PK Program Type (PTC).

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