Aeries Revision Notes 5/19/2022

New Features:

  • Copy Scheduling Results to SEC & MST - For schools that recently transitioned to Flex Scheduling with Primary Class Tracking, the process now ensures that Staff ID-Based Counselor Tracking is also enabled, and TCH-based counselors are converted to staff ID-based counselors if needed. 

  • Import Test Results - The AP Test Results file layout has been updated to include the 2021-22 testing administration. See Test Specific Information - AP

  • Pre-Referral Interventions - The Add New Intervention Code button now allows multiple interventions to be entered at a time separated by category. See Pre-Referral Intervention

  • Aeries Navigation Menu - Interventions is now listed just above Intervention Dashboard

  • Update Aeries SQL Databases - The Force An Update option was added to this page. This option will force all available SQL update scripts to run against the selected databases instead of starting from the last known state. See Update Aeries SQL Databases

Texas Specific:

  • Mass Update Graduation Requirements - Added ability to check Financial Aid Application (ACT.CD = G04) and Reason FA1 Financial Aid Form Completed or FA2 Exception Submitted in Other Graduation Requirements

Issues Resolved:

  • Student Transcripts - Performance was slow when adding or editing a single transcript record, fixed. 

  • Aeries API - Attendance endpoint did not return section information if Absence Codes were saved as "E", "L", or "B", fixed. 

  • Combine Student Records - In some cases, the student data were not being properly combined, fixed. 

  • Flex SMS Board - The Change All button on the Course Changes window updated teacher records as Unassigned when no Staff Member was selected while making any course changes, fixed. 

  • Update Aeries SQL Databases - A configuration issue prevented the SQL update from 5/12 from being applied to some databases, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting

    • A student's previous enrollment record is now extracted to the StudentExtension interchange if the current enrollment record indicates the student is Not In Membership (i.e., ENR.PR = 0 or 9). See StudentExtension Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.

    • The Summer PEIMS has been updated to ensure that RA/RS Instructional settings only output when a student has an RA or RS eligible days present greater than 0. 

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