Known Issue - CALPADS Extract Changes required **Consolidated 6/3/22

**These items have been consolidated to the regular ongoing CALPADS Known Issues article, posted below. That article will allow each change required to be updated as individual items are completed.

Due to the changes CALPADS launched in their new environment, we were notified today (5/12/22) that we need to make immediate adjustments to several CALPADS Extracts. We are beginning development work on them now, and will update this list as we move along this process. Here is the priority of the changes we will be making. Links are provided to the Aeries Ideas items for each of these, so you can add yourself to the items and be notified directly when action is taken on them. 

  • Change Enrollment Update extract processes
  • Change EOY extract processes
  • Change remaining Extract processes
  • Remove Replacement file type from SPRG extracts

Here is a link to more information on what prompted these changes, and why. CALPADS Post-Redesign Changes

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Hi Jan! Is there an update on this?

This link you provided earlier ( is broken.

@Kelly Flores

CALPADS - Current Known Issues ** Last Updated: 06/15/2022 **

Thank you, Martin!

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