Aeries Revision Notes 4/28/2022

New Features:

  • Mass Change Attendance Codes - For schools that have enabled Populate All-Day Attendance Code Automatically on School Settings, the All Day Code can now be mass changed for students who have an Unverified Absence, as well as for students with a blank. See Mass Change Attendance Codes .

  • Class Calendars - A message is now displayed when a current year Class Calendar has dates that are not in the school calendar.

  • Aeries Mobile API - The What-If property was added to the My Classes endpoint in order to support an upcoming new feature in the Aeries Student App.

  • OneRoster 1.1 - The PUT Results endpoint now supports the missing data element in the metadata. When the missing data element is true, the gradebook will show the student's score as missing once the Grading Completed flag is set for the assignment. 

  • Dark Mode

    • Duo Configuration - The page now supports Dark Mode.

    • Mass Add Pictures 

      • The file list now has a dark background.

      • The status text is now more visible upon uploading in Dark Mode.

    • Class Attendance - The same day admin notes are now more visible in Dark Mode.

    • Push Pull Setup Tables - Dark Mode visibility when hovering and selecting items was improved.

    • Change School - The white background is now supported in Dark Mode styles.

California Specific:

  • UC ELC Extract - CDS Codes with no value on the Student Transcript tab from the TES Extract report now appears as empty cells instead of 0's.

Issues Resolved:

  • Immunizations - Immunization Booster records are duplicating for students with multiple student records, fixed. 

  • Attendance - In some cases when the Populate All-Day Attendance Code Automatically setting was enabled, the Update ATT Data feature applied the wrong All Day Code, fixed. 

  • Letter Log, Medical Notes, CCI Student Summary, Early Childhood Development, and Immunizations - The pages did not load when a Non-ID-based database was used, fixed.  

  • Ed-Fi 2.x and 3.x 

    • Student School Attendance Events entity sync results were not correct, filtering the results was not working properly, and details view was blank, fixed.

    • Student School Attendance Events entity records with a delete-tagged Attendance Note (ATN.DEL=1) were not being uploaded to the ODS, fixed.

  • OneRosterExtract - The OneRoster’s extracted zip files would not open when the District name contained a trailing period, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting (PEIMS Summer) - The Transcript interchange could not be completed if it contained any students in grade level KG and prior, fixed. (8274- Issues Resolved) (JS)

  • Residence Survey Audit - For Texas customers, the Residence Survey Audit was not importing a start date into the resultant program record, fixed

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