Aeries Revision Notes 4/18/2022

New Features:

  • Portal Options - The Foster Survey options were added to the Family Information tab. 

  • Parent Data Confirmation - If enabled, the new Foster Survey was added to collect Parent Response to Survey (PRS) data during the Parent Data Confirmation process. 

  • Foster Survey Audit - The page was added to allow staff members to confirm Foster PRS records and create code 190 Foster program records. 

Texas Specific:

  • Portal Options - The Military Survey was updated to use Texas State Reporting codes 0-6 for Military Connected students. 

Database Changes:

  • Portal Options (POP) - New records were added to the Portal Options table for the Foster Survey.

Hello Hoan,

While the Foster Survey is a great and much appreciated addition, it does not offer the option for either program code 193, Tribal Foster Youth. Is it possible to adapt the current foster survey setup to that of the Residence Status Survey that takes into the two possible program codes? I have attached the Foster Youth Status Determination document we currently use to identify our foster students as a reference. Is it possible to have these 4 questions as part of the survey and tie them back to the appropriate program code?

Thank you



Hi Trish,

You can vote for this existing Aeries Idea:

Please include a Tribal Foster Youth Survey to Online Enrollment and Data Confirmation

Where can I find instructions for use of the Foster Survey Page to provide to the office which manages foster programs?

Thank you,


Where can we find a help page on how to manage the foster survey audit page? Also, what table and field is directly correlated to the foster survey answers that parents have responded to in the data confirmation. Where can we find their answers?

Hi Heather,

Here is some documentation:

Program (PGM) records are created with the code of 190 if confirmed on the Foster Survey Audit page.  Similar to the Residence Survey Audit and Military Survey process.

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