Aeries Revision Notes 4/12/2022

California Specific:

  • Test Settings  see Test Settings and State Test Export Files

    • Test Assignment Settings - The page has been updated to include the Remote Testing Video Permission option. 

    • Condition Codes - The page now includes the CA Spanish Assessment option. 

    • Condition Codes - The STS (RLA) dropdown was removed as it is no longer extracted. 

    • Embedded Accommodations and Embedded Designated Supports - The CAASPP Speech-to-Text option was added and certain code descriptions were updated. 

  • State Testing Export Files  see Test Settings and State Test Export Files

    • Condition Codes Extract - The logic for handling the condition codes was updated according to 2021-2022 template specifications. 

    • Test Assignment Extract - The extract has been updated so Test Delivery Mode (col F) and Remote Testing Video Permission (col G) are included in the extract. The Test Delivery Mode will always extract as blank. 

    • Test Settings Extract - The CAASPP Speech-to-Text accommodations option was added to the CAASPP Student Test Settings Extract (column BE in Excel). 

    • The captions for the CAASPP State Testing Export files have been updated to indicate that the templates are for the 2021-22 school year.  

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