Known Issue - Combine Students process improperly combines data - FIXED 5/19/2022

FIXED - This issue has been fixed with the 05/19/2022 web update.

Issue: The Combine Students process currently does not work as expected. Results may vary and the "kept" student's data is not saved. 

Programming is currently looking into this issue. Do not use this process until a fix is released.

Follow the Aeries Idea to continue to be notified of the progress.

We utilize this process and I hope that it can be fixed soon.  Thank you.

How do we know if we lost data for any of our combined students?

Thank you

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What version of Aeries did this break in? We're planning to upgrade this Saturday and we're currently on Aeries Web Version  We were planning to upgrade to Aeries Web Version, but we are hesitant if Combine Records is going to break.

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@Anita Reeding- Due to the complexity of this page, we have not identified a specific version where this process broke but after testing version 2/17 I also see that there is an issue with Combine Students on that version. 

Is this still a known issue or has it been resolved?

@Pam yes it has not yet been resolved. You may follow the Aeries Idea for status updates for this issue.

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