Aeries Revision Notes 3/18/2022

New Features:

California Specific:

  • CALPADS Extracts

    •  An option was added under Other Options to allow closing (default) or leaving open the 504 program records. Previously the program was closed thirty days prior to the end of the school year. See CALPADS Extracts - Other Options Tab

    • The SPRG ODS process was updated to handle the reconciliation of 504 programs (program code 101) as an eligibility program. See CALPADS Extracts - SPRG ODS Reconciliation

Issues Resolved:

  • Class Roster Report Options - The Select Sections to Print filter did not honor individually selected sections after the search filter was used, fixed. 

  • System Logging 

    • The Class Calendar (CCL) table did not correctly log the school code, fixed.

    • The Class Calendar Dates (CCD) table was erroneously logging a value for school code when it should not, fixed.

  • Class Calendars

    • The Push Calendar Options process did not match existing calendars based on Academic Year, fixed. See Flex Scheduling - Class Calendars.

    • When pushing a calendar to other schools, unmatched dates in the existing calendars at the other schools were not deleted, fixed.

    • The Copy Calendar feature did not work when the original calendar's short title was numeric, fixed.

  • Student Withdrawal Form Report - The teacher name in the schedule section was incorrect in some cases for flex scheduling schools, fixed.

  • Residence Survey Audit - Pending requests confirmed with Date submitted specified as the program eligibility date were applying the current date instead, fixed. 

  • Supplemental Attendance - The page now supports teachers in Section Staff schools without TCH records. 

  • Physical Fitness Setup - For California customers, in Edit mode, the check boxes were not reset to their original state when the Cancel button was clicked, fixed. 

  • Physical Fitness Test Results - For California customers, the testing Admin dropdown list could be changed while in Edit mode, fixed. 

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