Aeries Revision Notes 3/15/2022

New Features:

  • Financials - Added more relationships between tables used for items in the Online Store. This allows the users retrieve data through Aeries Query. 

  • Income Survey - The NSLP Income Eligibility Guidelines for the 2022-2023 school year have been added. 

California Specific:

  • Physical Fitness Status Summary Report - The report now supports Flex Scheduling schools and Primary Class Tracking schools. 

Texas Specific:

  • Import Test Results - The STAAR 3-8 import now evaluates the language version fields. See Test Specific Information - STAAR/STAAR Alternate (Grades 3-8)

  • Mass Run Attendance Reports - The page was added to allow running the Student Attendance Detail, Student Attendance Campus Summary, and Student Attendance District Summary Reports at the same time for multiple reporting periods. 

  • Ed-Fi ODS Configuration - An option to use the TSDS Ed-Fi Standards in pilot phase was added to facilitate TSDS Pilot development. Note that this option is in a pilot phase and will be consistently updated. (Texas Specific) (JS)

Issues Resolved:

  • Grade Report Cards Option Page - The custom short title and term number for snapshots were not correctly displayed, fixed.

  • Report Card History - The custom short title and term number for snapshots, defined on the Grade Report Cards Option page, were not correctly displayed, fixed. See Report Card History

  • Immunizations - The Update and Cancel buttons on the Immunizations Boosters tab were unnecessary and needed to be hidden, fixed.

  • Monthly Attendance Summary and Monthly Attendance Report - For California Flex Scheduling schools using Primary Class tracking, the calculations were incorrect in some cases where students were absent on the same day they either began or ended Course Attendance Enrollment (CAR) in a Primary Class, fixed. 

  • Student Profile - In a school using Flex Scheduling, the Class Summary widget did not correctly display the past 5 days of attendance when a Gradebook was linked to multiple sections in different terms, fixed.

Database Changes:

  • Cross Reference Information (XRF)- The Table Code (TC) field was extended from 4 characters to 25 characters.

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