Major New Features to Aeries NextGen

As Aeries is redesigned, major new features will be added to create powerful solutions that take Aeries to the next level.

Workflows / Reminders / Tasks

Staff go through repeatable steps over and over again with students.  These should be able to be pre-defined and utilize a notification/task system to allow reminders within the system so that steps in these processes are not missed and that there is accountability.  This would also allow different users or roles to be assigned to different steps in the workflow.

Global Search Tool

With a single “Search Bar”, anything within the system will be able to be found.  This includes students, staff, and contacts as well as pages and reports.  This will simplify the UI and make interacting with the system consistent no matter where you are in the system.

Page Customizations / Individualization

Users will be able to create custom “views” of existing pages that focus on the fields and data entry workflows that they focus on.  Districts and School will also be able to define preferences for pages and determine which fields will be available in the system.

Responsive Design

Pages in Next Gen should adapt to different screen sizes like tablets and phones.

Global Components

Pages will be build using common components.  This will ensure a consistent look and feel and functionality across the system.

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