Aeries Revision Notes 3/2/2022

New Features:

California Specific:

  • Physical Fitness Test Analysis Report - The report now supports schools that use Flex Scheduling and primary class tracking. 

  • Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC) - The report no longer limits by Class Calendar dates when sorting by Section in a Flex Scheduling school. See Flex Scheduling - Smarter Balanced Cards (SBAC)

Issues Resolved:

  • Master Schedule Board Report - Sections were not printing in the 10th column for schools using Flex Scheduling, fixed. 

  • Push and Pull Setup Tables - The Flex Periods (FTF) table generated an error when copied, fixed. 

  • Physical Fitness Test Results Report - For California customers, the Teacher Physical Fitness Roster was unable to print a blank roster from the Teacher PFT page and using Teacher Emulation, fixed. 

  • Cal Grant GPA Export - For California customers, the Cal Grant extracts and reports generated errors if negative school year values were stored in Course History, fixed. 

Database Changes:

  • Immunizations Boosters (IMB)- Added a new Immunizations Boosters table to store data pertaining to Immunizations Boosters (COVID)

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