Aeries Revision Notes 2/10/2022

Texas Specific:

Issues Resolved:

  • Military Survey Audit - Since version 1/27, previously confirmed or pending records from "PRS" parents response survey " were displaying, fixed. 

  • Reports - The Missing Attendance, Instructional Minutes Certification Log, and the Avery 5160 Asset Barcode Labels reports were not working on certain servers, fixed.

  • Teacher Attendance

    • In a Flex Scheduling school, the incorrect  transfer teacher was sometimes displayed for a recently-dropped student, fixed. 

    • The period drop-down did not always default to the current period in Flex Scheduling schools, fixed.

  • Combine Student Records

    • Primary key violation error was occurring with the CHD table, fixed.

    • For Texas customers, the ARD, ARH, ARR, ARS tables have been excluded from the Combine Student Records process.

  • TREx Export - For Texas customers, the Student Record file contained DisciplineAction records with DisciplineActionDates in the past, fixed. DisciplineAction records will only be extracted if the DisciplineActionDate is after the current date.


  • Monterey COE - Records with similar service duration and frequency have been merged together when calculating data for the Billback Itinerant Minutes Detail and the Billback Speech/OT Minutes Details reports. 

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