Aeries Revision Notes 2/8/2022

California Specific:

  • Physical Fitness Test Results By Teacher Report - The report now supports Flex Scheduling schools and Primary Class Tracking schools. 

  • CALPADS Extracts - The SENR extract has been updated to handle exit reason E156. When the option to auto-close enrollment is enabled, the E156 exit code will be used (instead of E155) for students whose grade and next grade fields are both set to 12. Also, the CRSE and CRSC extracts have been adjusted to better handle sections with multiple teachers. Also, in some cases, the CRSE extract would not include all the teachers when running for an elementary school w/o Master Schedule in a district that uses Section Staff, fixed. 

Texas Specific:

  • Attendance Reporting Periods

    • The page was redesigned to allow an instructional range, times, or periods to be defined for each track via a new Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) table. Non-track schools will only have one Instructional Range to set. For Flexible Attendance schools, the Start Time and End Time are displayed. For non-Flexible Attendance schools, the Starting and Ending Period are displayed. See Attendance Reporting Periods documentation.

    • The Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) record was added as the parent to record for each set of Attendance Reporting Periods (ARP) records. This update automatically creates these records.

    • The user experience was improved.

  • Push and Pull Setup Tables

    • The new Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) table was added. This table is a parent of the Attendance Reporting Periods (ARP) table.

  • Calendar

    • The Instructional Minutes and Operational Minutes calculations now honor the new Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) table.

    • The minutes calculations are now limited by the time range (Flex) or period range (Non-flex), as defined on the Attendance Reporting Periods page.

    • The Waiver Minutes calculation was adjusted.

    • The Instructional and Operational Minutes are now included in the Totals for Year section of the report.

Issues Resolved:

  • Academic Plan - Under certain circumstances, the Academic Plan page would not load properly, fixed. 

  • Print Grade Report Cards - For Texas customers, report card labels were not properly translated for the respective correspondence language, fixed. 

  • Civil Rights Data Collection - For Texas customers, the process calculating the student enrollment has been adjusted to include any ENR.PR / STU.SP values, except 0 (zero) and 9. See Civil Rights Calculations ENRL - Enrollment

Database Changes:

  • Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) - Added the new Attendance Reporting Tracks (ART) table.

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