Aeries Revision Notes 1/27/2022

New Features:

  • Independent Study Agreements 

    • A field was added to the Agreements section allowing users to indicate a reason. 

    • Signatures associated with languages that are not supported on the agreement are now displayed under English Agreement Documents by default.

    • The status change warning text was modified.

    • The Teacher Name and Course Title were added to the Work Product Evaluations section on the Agreements home page.

  • Independent Study Management

    • Students displayed on this page are now sorted by name by default.

    • The Query Keep and Skip feature was implemented on the page. 

    • The Planned Date as Pending Date label had a typo, fixed. 

California Specific:

  • State Testing Export Files - See Test Settings and State Test Export Files

    • The page and ELPAC Test Settings extract were updated according to the 2021-2022 file layout, including adding the Speech-To-Text column which is the last column in the extract. 

    • The page and ELPAC Test Assignment extract were updated according to the 2021-2022 file layout, including adding the Test Delivery Mode and Remote Testing Video Permission columns. Test Delivery Mode will always be blank.

  • Test Settings    See Test Settings and State Test Export Files

    • The code Speech-to-Text  [TDS_Dictation_1] was added to test settings for ELPAC

    • The test assignment code Remote Testing Video Permission was added to test settings for ELPAC

    • The fixed codes table is now updated automatically when the page is opened. 

Texas Specific:

  • Staff - The page now supports multiple Teacher Incentive Allotments. 

  • Texas State Reporting (Class Roster - Winter) 


      The Teacher School Association complex type was added to the Staff Association Extension. 

      See StaffAssociation Interchange - Field Mapping and Rules.

  • Texas State Reporting (Summer PEIMS) - The Number of Bullying Incidents (E1727) now uses data from the new Number of Bullying Incidents field on School Options

  • School Options - The Number of Bullying Incidents field was added allowing you to enter the number of bullying incidents reported at the school. The field is needed for Texas State Reporting but available for all schools. 

Issues Resolved:

  • Military Survey Audit - Students were not appearing on the Military Survey Audit if the Parent Data Confirmation question was submitted on a different date than when the full survey was finalized, fixed.

  • Gradebook - Teachers were unable to link their gradebooks when a second teacher was assigned to the same school, fixed. 

Database Changes:

  • Independent Study Agreements (ISA) - Added a new Reason (RS) field.

  • Staff Demographic Information (STF) - Changed the field length of the Teacher Incentive Allotment Designation (TIA) field from 4 to 255.

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