Aeries Revision Notes 1/13/2022

California Specific:

  • Master Schedule - Codes 24 and 25 were added to the Local Assign Option field, which were provided by CALPADS. This field also now supports custom codes that can be translated for CALPADS reporting. 

  • CALPADS Extracts - Codes 24 and 25 were added to the Local Assignment Codes list. 

Issues Resolved:

  • Student Transcript Report - The report generated an error when Transcript Definition GPA Option was set to "Applicable Primary District GPA" and multiple students were selected, fixed. 

  • SMS Board - An error was generated when a user attempted to enable the Sort by Teacher option, fixed. 

  • TREx Export - For Texas customers, the AAR-Transcript did not honor the district GPA settings when they were configured to not calculate GPAs for a subset of students, fixed.
    See Texas - Student Academic Achievement Record (AAR)/Transcript , GPA Configurations Page

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