Aeries Revision Notes 1/6/2022

New Features

  • Mass Update Attendance Enrollment - A new page was added to facilitate the process for mass updating attendance enrollment information. The page allows selected students to be updated with an array of filters and gives the ability to apply program changes, teacher changes for elementary schools, leave and enter dates, and exit reasons which will be applied to the relevant student tables. See Mass Update Attendance Enrollment

Issues Resolved

  • Early Childhood Development - The Print button was disabled and an invalid message "A start date is required to print the EESD-9600 application" was displayed when a record was added with a future End Date, fixed.

Texas Specific:

  • State Reporting (PEIMS Fall) - When a section's students drop to 0 after the Snapshot Date, the staff member's sections would no longer extract in the Staff interchange, fixed. In the Student interchange, the Economically Disadvantaged indicator was not honoring the Snapshot Date, fixed.

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