Aeries Revision Notes 12/16/2021

New Features

  • GPA Configurations - The option to calculate GPAs using number of courses taken instead of credits attempted was added.

  • Standards Based Missing Mark Listing Report - The report now supports primary class tracking schools. 

  • Civil Rights Data Collection - The code definition setup for Discipline, Harassment, Restraint/Seclusion, and Other tabs was simplified; many of the codes that do not have settings saved to District Options (DPT) will now populate default values; the AND and OR buttons were removed for all codes except the Disciplined for Harassment or Bullying codes. See Overview for Civil Rights

Issues Resolved

  • CALPADS Extracts

    • For California customers:

      • The CRSE extract created duplicate records when run for Flex Schools or Section Staff schools, fixed. 

      • The information for the SELA Conflict Report (ODS Reconciliation and SELA Import tabs) did not reflect the correct (suggested) date range for downloading the SELA ODS file. fixed. 

Database Changes

  • District GPAs (DGP) - Added the Calculate Using (CU) field.

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