Known Issue - SMS Board for non-flex schools fails to load when the option to Sort by Teacher Name is enabled - FIXED 1/13/2022

UPDATE: This issue was fixed with the 1/13/2022 update. 

Here is the Revision Note: 

  • SMS Board - An error was generated when a user attempted to enable the Sort by Teacher option, fixed.

Issue: Aeries is aware of an issue with the SMS Board for non-flex schools occurring with the 12/14 update. When enabling the Sort by Teacher Name option, the page will spin and not finish loading. This also occurs when the user had the option enabled prior to the 12/14 update and attempts to load the page after the update is applied.

Workaround: For those that have the option enabled, a workaround is to hit the Esc button on the keyboard to stop the page from loading, remove the check mark for the Sort by Teacher Name option, click the Save and Reload button to load the page. Refrain from using the Sort by Teacher Name option until a fix is released.

We will update this post when the issue is resolved. Users may add themselves to this Aeries Idea to follow the progress of the fix.

Aeries Idea:

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