Aeries Revision Notes 12/14/2021

New Features

  • Attendance Audit Listing

    • The Include All-Day/ADA Period Mismatch Errors option was added, visible only if the School Option for All Day Management is set to Attendance Time. 

    • A label was added to the report that indicates when a Query Keep or Skip is in place. 

    • A date (the current date or the closest school date if the report is run on a holiday) is included in the header.

  • Flex SMS Board 

    • The section primary teacher can now be modified. See Flex SMS Board

    • Unassigned sections are now displayed next to the unassigned teacher. 

  • Aeries API V5 - New fields were added to the Schools endpoint to indicate whether a school is using Section Staff. 

California Specific

Issues Resolved

  • Attendance Audit Listing - The "Student is not enrolled in class for an ADA period" warning was displayed for students with blocked period classes which encapsulate the ADA period, fixed.  This change also applies to the Status bar on the Demographics, Classes, and Attendance Enrollment pages. 

  • Student Demographics, Attendance Enrollment, and Classes - The "NPS school (CSE.SS) does not match current enrollment record" warning was displayed for students whose NPS School in Enrollment and Special Education matched, fixed. The Attendance Audit Listing report did not have this issue. 

  • Flex SMS Board

    • The board did not accurately display sections that shared section numbers with other schools, fixed. 

    • An error occurred while updating an existing section or saving a new section, fixed.

  • Ed-Fi v2.x and 3.x - Rest API cache was not getting cleared when the Clear Configuration Cache button was clicked, fixed.  

  • Classroom Attendance - For schools not using Section Staff, clicking an Unassigned Teacher generated an error, fixed. 

  • TREx - For Texas customers, the StudentRecord file contained an AcademicSession with no Courses for high school students with no transcript records at the high school, fixed. 

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