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Chronic Absenteeism

Hello All,

I'm hoping you can help.  I'm looking for either a query or report I can run in Aeries that will provide me with Chronic absenteeism information.  I would like to be able to run it by school site, student, and filter by date range.

Has anyone used the Attendance Works extract in Aeries to be able to get Chronic attendance information?

Attendance Works

The Attendance Works extract is used to populate the CalDATT tools from Attendance Works. The CalDATT tools are self-calculating Excel spreadsheets that track chronic absences and truancies. They are free to all schools and districts and can be downloaded from the Attendance Works website. Once the extract is created, it can be pasted to the CalDATT spreadsheets to automatically generate the reports.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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