Aeries Revision Notes 12/9/2021

New Features

  • Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC Extract) - Updated the extract for the 2020-21 submission. Minor adjustments were made to comply with the new naming convention of some offense (OFFN) elements. See Overview for Civil Rights

  • Lunch Count Data Report - Flex scheduling and staff section schools are now supported.

  • Missing Lunch Count Report - Flex scheduling and secondary schools using section staff are now supported.

  • Aeries Communication - The Test API functionality was improved to test specific enabled schools.

Issues Resolved

  • Grade Report Cards - Since version, the plain paper reports generated an error when the Print Mail info at top of page option was selected, fixed.

  • Assertive Discipline - The Referrer field did not allow looking up staff names containing double quotes, fixed.

  • Student Profile - The Linked Portal Account widget displayed emails from contact accounts for students who were not assigned on Manage Parent/Student Accounts, fixed.

  • GPA Configurations - The option to include inactive students when calculating district GPAs was added. See GPA Configurations Page

  • District GPA - Class Rank and Class Size were not set to zero for students whose graduation track was set to not be included in class rank, fixed. See GPA Configurations Page

  • Civil Rights Data Collection (Results) - The EXAM-1 table was displaying "No Data" when SATI/ACT records existed for the academic year, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting - For Texas customers, the ECDS PK and KG did not extract only courses with PK service ID 011010000 or KG Service ID 011020000, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • District GPAs (DGP) - Added the Student Statuses (STG) field.

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