Aeries Revision Notes 12/7/2021

New Features

  • Average Daily Attendance Summary - The report was added to provide an ADA Summary for a school or district within a given date range, defaulting to the first day of school through today. Options to print breakdowns for Tracks, Programs, and/or Grades are available, and Query Keep/Skip is honored. For Texas districts, the ADA Eligibility Codes that do not count towards membership (0 and 9) are automatically bypassed. See Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Summary Report

  • Emergency Student Listing Report - Flex scheduling, section staff, and primary classes are now supported. Flex Scheduling Reports

California Specific

  • CERS Student Groups 

    • The page now allows scheduled processing.

    • The Scheduled Process tab was added to allow setting up the day and time when the CERS Extract is generated. The extracts to be included in the process can be specified when the profile is created or edited.

  • Student Profile - The Most Recent Test Scores section now only displays a Print button if the testing administration for SBAC, CAA and CAST tests are between SPRG16 and SPRG19.  

  • Test Details - For SBAC, CAA and CAST tests, the Print button is now only available if the testing administration is between SPRG16 and SPRG19. 

Texas Specific

  • Test Details - For the STAAR and TELPAS tests, the Print button is no longer displayed.

  • Student Profile - The Most Recent Test Scores section now includes STAAR and TELPAS tests. 

Issues Resolved

  • Student Groups - When attempting to create a Dynamic Student Group based on a STU field at the District, the field codes and values were not populating, fixed.

  • Emergency Student Listing Report - Inactive students were included when run in an elementary school, fixed.

  • Standards Based Report Cards - Landscape report was not working due to an error in some cases, fixed.

  • Database Table Definitions and Query - The description for SBV - Standards Based Valid Marks was spelled incorrectly, fixed. 

  • CERS Student Groups - For California users, not all staff were extracted if the number of staff reported with a class was greater than the number of students in the class, fixed.

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