Aeries Revision Notes 11/30/2021

New Features

  • Grades - Step 3 of the Load Grade from Gradebook process will no longer restore missing default marks automatically if the gradebook already has final marks defined.  Instead, a new button to "Restore Missing Default Marks" has been added to Step 3.

  • Grade Report Card -  when the last Mark displayed on the report is from a Grading Snapshot:

    • The Credit, Citizenship, Work-Habits, Absence, and Tardy columns are hidden.

    • The Grading Snapshot Comment is displayed instead of Grade Reporting Comment.

Texas Specific

  • Texas Assessment Precode Extracts - The page now supports the latest TELPAS Student Registration File layout, including: 

    • Full middle name instead of middle initial

    • Four-digit year for date of birth

    • Extracting At-Risk Indicator from the Special Programs (PGM) table

    • Adding fields: Student Language, Crisis Code, Homeless Status, Unaccompanied Youth Status, Military Connected Student, Foster Care Indicator, and Dyslexia Indicator

    • Removing Career and Technical Education Indicator

Issues Resolved

  • Classroom Attendance - A recent change caused an error to be generated when there were no students in the roster, fixed.

  • Standards Based Report Cards - The one-column report card was generating an error when printed by student, fixed.

  • API Security - The API Security page has been updated to remove the Status field.  This field was never used and could have been misleading. 

  • Aeries API - The Attendance endpoint was not providing a list of classes for schools using elementary with master schedule, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting

    • For Texas customers, the Campus of Accountability was not always extracting for JJAEP students in Fall PEIMS, fixed. 

    • For Texas customers, the Summer Student Program Extension was duplicating the Dyslexia Services Code, fixed.

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