Aeries Revision Notes 11/23/2021

New Features

  • Independent Study Management - A new page has been added to Aeries to support quick management of student Independent Study Agreement data.  This page will display agreement, signature, and work product evaluation data for multiple students and can be filtered. Independent Study Management

  • Teacher Attendance - This page now supports lunch count recording for flex and staff section schools doing daily attendance. Further programming will be done to add this function to the Teacher Attendance By Photo page. Also, headers for the Lunch Count fields were added, for improvement of data accuracy.

  • School Options - A new field to track the incidents of Cyber Bullying at each campus has been added to the School Options page. 

  • All Pages - Links to external websites now warn users they are leaving Aeries.

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting

    • Users can now delete files from the File Download area on the page.

    • The PEIMS Summer Education Organization extract will now include the new TXNumberOfBullyingIncidents and TXNumberOfCyberbullyingIncidents fields. 

    • The PEIMS Summer Student extension now includes the new General Education Homebound Indicator (E1730) data element.

  • Special Programs - A new program has been added:  General Education Homebound Indicator. 

Issues Resolved

  • Google Classroom Import - When importing an assignment from Google Classroom, if the points possible are changed in Google Classroom, the new point value was not being updated in Student Gradebook Scores (GBS) when the assignment is re-imported using the "Import Assignments From Google" button on the Dashboard, fixed. 

  • Attendance Notes - When adding a new note, the tab stops were not in the correct order, fixed. 

  • Dark Mode - Aeries Demo site was not properly switching themes, fixed.

  • Update Code Table - Page was generating an error when a field name of “IN” was selected, fixed. 

  • Custom Reports - Printing a custom report generated an error when a field name of "IN” was included in the report, fixed.

  • CALPADS Extracts - For California customers, since the 11/4 update, some TK students were not getting the auto-generated 185 program in the SPRG extract, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting - For Texas customers, for JJAEP and DAEP schools PEIMS Fall and Summer extracts will now extract TX-CampusOfAccountability from the student's Reporting School. 

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