Aeries Revision Notes 11/18/2021

New Features

  • Third Party Connections - Improved Test API for Aeries Communications. 

  • Immunizations

    • Configure Vaccination Requirements - COVID-19 can now be added as a new Vaccination Requirement to this page.  See documentation for details. How to Configure or Adjust Vaccination Requirements How to Configure Vaccination Requirements (COVID-19)

    • Immunizations - The red highlighting of missing requirements now supports the COVID-19 vaccination fields. Immunizations

    • Student Immunization Cards - The plain paper report has been adjusted to include the new fields for COVID-19 vaccinations.  Also, there is a new option to Print Student Legal Name that applies to both the plain paper and "Blue Card" versions of the report.  Immunizations 

    • Medical Profile - This report has been adjusted to include the new fields for COVID-19 vaccinations when the "Immunizations" section is selected.

    • Student Immunization Status - This report will now include the COVID-19 vaccination requirement if it has been configured.  Also, when run at the District, multiple schools can now be selected for this report. Immunizations 

  • Civil Rights Data Collection

    • The Courses tab has been updated to include selections for Computer Science and AP Computer Science. The corresponding calculations have also been updated. Also, added capability to filter by State Course ID (Service ID for Texas users). See Civil Rights Setup - Courses Tab 

    • The Courses tab has been modified and now has an additional area to specify which sections should be processed as Block Scheduling (full year course during the one semester). The identification of these sections is accomplished by using any of the 8 user-fields available in MST, whose value should be indicated. See Civil Rights Setup - Courses Tab 

    • Added the "Number of Incidents Committed by Student" offense table (OFFN-4) to the Results tab. The other offense tables as well as the harassment tables have been reviewed and updated.

Texas Specific

  • Texas State Reporting - PEIMS Summer extracts have been updated to support special case rules for students with ADA Eligibility codes of 0. 

Issues Resolved

  • ParentSquare - Grade alerts and weekly progress reports would send multiple times per contact, fixed.

  • Aeries Mobile API - Get User Permissions endpoint was not refreshing the password information, fixed. 

  • Student Immunization Status Report - The report displayed the deprecated IMM.SD field for Date Req. Met, fixed. Also, it now displays all Requirements Met fields.

  • Early Childhood Development - For California customers, the 9600 Application would not print for students with future start dates, fixed.

  • Texas State Reporting (For Texas customers)

    • (PEIMS Fall) - The Education Organization extension will now include Service IDs in Staff Job Assignments (STJ) with the number of students equal to zero. This cancels a change made in October to limit by records with number of students greater than zero. The file will still limit by records active on the Snapshot Date. Also, the Staff Associations will now limit Service IDs in Staff Job Assignments (STJ) to records active on the Snapshot Date as well. 

    • ECDS - The Student Parent file descriptions for Limited English Proficiency have been updated for the 2021-2022 school year and will use these hard-coded values rather than relying on the cross-reference table (XRF). 

    • The PEIMS Fall Student Program extract was not counting students as being in a Special Education Service if the leave date matched the Snapshot Date, fixed. 

Database Changes

  • Vaccination Requirements (VAC) - Added the Doses Req Based on Vaccine Type (TD) field.

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